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I’m not able to load any recordings from on safari, chrome or firefox on an M1 MacBook Air. Is there a fix for this?

Update: viewing live TV works fine, it’s just an issue with recordings. Running safari under rosetta works. If anyone else has this issue, just duplicate Safari, rename to “Safari Rosetta” (optional), then right click and then click on get info and “open using rosetta”.

Update #2, watching recordings from safari using rosetta just stopped working. Can’t play recordings at all anymore…live TV still works fine.

Oddly enough yesterday I lost remote access on iPhone and iPad. And my iPhone and iPad won’t connect to the Tablo even if locally. They are running iOS 15 beta.

Running latest apps and firmware on Tablo Quad.

Oddly enough my Apple TV on TVOS 15 works fine.

I’m on an M1 Mac Mini. It works fine on Safari with no mods (as installed with OSX) and Chrome, which does have an ARM64 version you may want to explore if you just migrated from an Intel Mac.

Replying again upon discovering a similar problem. May be a separate issue, but an amazingly similar coincidence.

I run Parallels on my M1 Mini, and use a Windows VM mainly to use the superior Windows versions of Office apps. As you may know, using the ARM version of Parallels will only host ARM compatible guest OS’s. I had signed up for the MS bleeding edge program to obtain the Windows 10 Pro for ARM preview. It has since gone to production status. I had also enabled automatic updates.

Since I’m still in the bleeding edge program, an update to Windows 11 Pro was pushed a couple weeks ago. I decided to go way out on the bleeding edge and try the Tablo Windows app on it. It worked, but video tended to be jittery. Long story short, I believe it was mostly a product of a dying hard drive in the Tablo.

Anyway, in troubleshooting this, I tinkered with the VM resources. I had gone with defaults when I installed it: 2 processor cores and 4GB of memory. The ARM version of Parallels uses a chunk of system memory for video memory.

My point: when on some trials I increased the number of processor cores, I experienced the same problem posted in the OP: live TV worked fine, recorded shows would not play.

Falling back to two cores, the app works correctly. When viewing a 5mbps stream, processor utilization averages around 35%, so that’s good. For what it’s worth, increasing the memory allocation to 6GB stabilized the picture. Adding more did not increase utilization, so I left it at 6.

While my use case is completely different (running the Tablo Windows app on a Windows 11 Pro VM versus natively on the M1 Mac in Safari), it created the exact same symptom.

I’m at a loss to make a connection, since there’s no way to adjust processor core utilization in native Mac apps, to my knowledge. Since both are running on an ARM platform, maybe the tech experts at Tablo that may read this can make sense of it. Clearly there is a processor configuration/usage issue confirmed in my case, which would make it at least suspect in yours.