My Tablo Won't Stop After a Year

I’ve had my tablo for a year now. Despite any annoyances, there haven’t been any issuers with it functioning. I understand there will always be issues, and sadly someone will get hit.

Just wanted to commend Nuvyyo, I may have personal issues with it, but for my experience tablos work - as designed. I don’t know, it might be warm. I don’t have a reboot schedule just because. I don’t use an official HD from “the list”, and for the past year it’s going. Of course my 12mth warranty just expired :roll_eyes:

I’m happy with my tablo I just got a second refurbished Dual Lite. Whoever couldn’t figure out what to do, thanks for the deal!

[edit] ~11:30 :clock1130: EDT I gave up on tech support - 3rd in line. Around 4pm, in less than 10min they added my new device to my pre-3/7 guide subscription! Just have to call at the right time.



Just a note: Oct 18 I purchased a Tablo Dual Lite. Understand it was part of a new product line, next generation. I understand “most” (no I have no actual stats, it’s a figurative notation) of the 1st gen are still in service. Plan on using mine +5yrs from now as well. (as of now at least)

Thank you for your purchases!

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