My Tablo over the internet to a device?

I have my Tablo set to work over my cell phone and Tablets.
How can I use Fire Stick to view my Tablo in my RV when I am remote?
The Tablo App for Fire Stick assumes a WIFI connection?

As long as you “pair” your FireStick to your Tablo at home (just connect to the app once), you can use it on the road as long as there is an internet connection, just like your cell phone and tablets.

Thank you I will try that.
So many places do not have access to my local channels.

You’ll need to make sure your Tablo is set up for Tablo Connect as well:

OK, Got it set up. I noticed each time I disable and enable remote access, I get assigned another set of ports and have to configure my firewall again.
I get a constant buffering after 3 seconds no matter what speed I set.
My network speed is over 100 MB up and down.

Not what I expected.

Don’t feel lonely same problem here

You can always override what the TabloTV software picks and type in the ports your router is configured to use.

In my case it’s the IP address that changes

Well the IP address is up to what ever you use for a DHCP server. Most allow you to assign a static IP address for a MAC address.