My Tablo HDMI Channel Guide freezes several times a day and can't watch TV

My Tablo started freezing on the Channel Guide screen every day now. The only way to unfreeze it, is I have to walk over, unplug it and plug it back in. It starts up and is good for a few hours before the Guide freezes again. The interesting thing is, that even when the Guide freezes and I can’t watch the TV that the Tablo HDMI is attached to, I can watch on my TV upstairs with the Tablo app via Wi-Fi talking to the Tablo HDMI unit downstairs. So what the heck is going on? Anyone have a solution to stop the Tablo HDMI unit from locking up? I tried a factory reset and that didn’t fix the problem. The guys at Tablo can’t figure out the problem either. Been talking to them for three weeks now.

I don’t have a Tablo HDMI unit, but maybe try a different HDMI port or HDMI cable? Doesn’t sound like the unit is truly locking up since you can watch from another TV.

If you’ve got a ticket with our team, can you send them a video or a picture showing what the unit looks like while it’s locked up (but accessible via other apps)? From here, we can try to get some logs and determine what’s causing the issue.

There’s nothing in a photograph that will show you when it locks up. All you will see is a screenshot of the channel guide. It locks up on the channel guide on my connected HDMI unit, but I can use the channel guide remotely on my TV upstairs.


I have the exact same issue. I go to use it the next day and if i left it on a channel can watch it and arrow up and down but if i go to the guide it locks up. It’s always showing the bottom of the channel list.