My Tablo does not record movies

I have no problem recording TV Show but Tabllo apparently does not record movies. I setup to record two movies yesterday and today, on the Live TV, I can see an indicator showing it is recording the movies. But later when I check in the “recordings” section, I didn’t see the movie. I bought the Tablo for a while but never record any movies so I don’t know if anyone also has the same problem. How do you guys troubleshoot this problem? Thanks!

Tablo has any number of different apps. You didn’t say which app or apps you tried.

But almost all of them have filters for the recordings tab. If you filter by Movies all the TV Shows and Sports should disappear and only Movies are displayed.

It happens the same on Roku or on my Android app. I know that under the “recording” tabs, there are a few filters, but I don’t go into any of the filters, I click on ALL which should show recorded TV Show or Movies. Only TV shows are in there. Click on the Movies tab, nothing is in there.

I guess submit a trouble ticket to the Tablo folks. That is definitely not normal behavior.

It works after I unplug the power cable of the Tablo and plug it back in. Thanks guys!