My Sony TV turns on unexpectedly all times of day/night

I have a Sony Bravia and recently installed a Tablo. Tablo set up without issues. Unfortunately my Sony turns on at all times without any commands such as scheduled recording. I even looked at the recorded shows listings and do not have anything scheduled. We have to turn the TV volume all the way down before going to bed because the TV audio wakes everyone up when the TV turns on by itself in the middle of the night.

It does not turn on at any particular time of day or night. I set up Tablo remote to turn the TV on when power button is used on the Tablo remote control.

When going to sleep move the remote far away from the TV, just to rule out any malfunction happening there.

Try removing and re-adding the app.

Going on a limb here since I’m not an expert. Is it a Tablo HDMI connected directly to your Sony Bravia? If so, it could be a Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) issue. CEC is a feature that allows hardware to control each other over the HDMI connection. The Tablo HDMI’s do support that. In which case I supposed there is a chance your Tablo is deciding to wake up the TV. To test this theory you might want to disable CEC in both your TV and Tablo with the potential obvious side-effect that the Tablo control can’t turn on the TV.

If you don’t have an HDMI Tablo directly connected to your TV but some other external device such as a Roku or Fire TV, then they all have similar CEC related features and have the power to turn on the TV.

Considering all the permutations of versions of Tablo vs. external devices vs. TV brands and connection options, you probably need to be more detailed about your specific setup to get more relevant help.

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When I saw the turn TV off thing on Roku, I wondered if that was how it would work.

I have the Tablo going to my modem router via ethernet cable and the HDMI connects the Tablo to the sony tv.

My Tablo settings for “Display and CEC” are “CEC Switch”: ON, “Wake with Tablo”: ON, “TV Off with Tablo”: ON.

My Sony Bravia Sync settings are
“BRAVIA Sync control” : ON,
“Device auto power off” : ON,
“TV auto power on”: ON
and Tablo is in my BRAVIA Sync device list

Looking at the Tablo CEC Control setting called “Wake with Tablo”, that is described as “Pressing any key will change your TV’s input to Tablo HDMI”, It does not indicate that the TV will turn on by this function.


Totally off the wall question…any animals in the house? My German shepherd likes to lay beside me when I watch TV. Me on the couch…him on the floor next to the couch…my TV remote is also on the floor. You can guess the rest. Like I said…pretty off the wall.

No dogs. Just ghosts turning my tv on.

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OK, this is going to sound weird, but do you have a nightlight in the room with the tv? Or maybe an outside light that shines in the window?
The reason I ask is because I used to have a tv that was situated just right that at certain times of the year, sunlight bouncing off the window of my garage would turn it on and off. Drove me crazy until I was looking at it and my wife stepped in front of the window and blocked the light.

@BarryM You are correct that even with CEC settings on, your TV should not be turning on automatically, but just to rule it out as the reason so we can better narrow this down, can you try turning off the CEC switch in the Tablo menu before going to bed and seeing if it still turns itself on overnight?