My pixelation issue

so I have 4 turner and connected to asus router hard wired.I have multiple different devices 2 roku,chromecast,firetv,nexus.This is problem I have tried all settings 1080 to 720 and I get pixelation but audio is doesn’t matter what channel or device I’m on even though think roku is worse.before anyone replies it’s your signal no it is not cause I have my signal split and have it going directly to tvs.all and never have any issues. any ideas what the problem could be

Try either adding an amplifier before Tablo or not having a splitter. The Tablo has a 4 way splitter in it.

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The internal 1x4 splitter does result in some signal degradation which can result in pixelation.

If you don’t believe us, you can open a Support Ticket with Tablo Support directly. They can remote in to your Tablo and see what the real time signal levels are when you’re having the issue.

then why is audio perfect

Pixelation issues do not always result in audio cut out. I’ve seen this many times with certain channels that have poor signal. When the signal gets really bad then that is when the audio cuts out.

The video suffers first.

could it be due to indoor amplified antenna

Audio requires much less data to reassemble and is more tolerant to loss than video is. Video will almost always cut out before audio.

Try not splitting antenna and see what Tablo does. That will only cost your time

My experience with indoor antennas is signal capture is often unstable or marginal. Any attenuation be it Tablo internal, splitter, or cable extension could result in pixellations.

I have Winegard FL5500 in the bedroom window connected to Tablo. No splits and it works Excellent

So installed outside antenna with ample due to mounted antenna on old dish mast and since was little bit of disrance that is reason for amp.mostly good.bit think slight jitter think it is my fire tv .

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Assuming signal from antenna to the input of the 2-way splitter:

100% Input = Output A = 50% or -3.5dB and Output B = 50% or -3.5dB

“Output A” is going to TV, that 50% signal or -3.5dB is probably 100% okay.
“Output B” is going to Tablo and that 50% is now splitting 4-way. You ended up with 25% or -7dB for each output. This may be your probably right there.

Try amplify the signal before the 2-way splitter and see what happens. Also, I would recommend replacing the RG59 that comes standard with the antenna with RG6 (quad shield recommended).

Some extra random thoughts. I’ve begun building my own DVR (again). I’m using a simple passive splitter, one to Tablo and one to my tuner card.

Of course my tuner is going to capture/play raw ATSC mpeg-ts… however on weaker channels, though they “play” fine, there are errors in the stream. My guess is that these errors could cause difficulty for the Tablo transcoder even though they are unnoticeable on the tuner card.

Just a thought…

so here is more info.used iPad and and used airplay worked flawless then went to same show and with fire tv jitter there. my belief is something with fire tv (first generation)

I’ve read similar reports with FireTV. My issue seems unique. Rather than jitter I will get partial artifacts in the specific area of fast action. I wonder if this relates to my slow network speed which is about 3.5mbps. Any thoughts people?