My NFL recordings deleted

I recorded 4 NFL games on Sunday. Was able to watch one of them a part of another. Now It says all NFL recordings cannot be found.

Is there a message actually saying the recordings can’t be found. Or are they just not visible under the NFL menu. And what type of unit network/hdmi. And if network what app device.

Was running tablo on the Apple TV. If I click on the icon “NFL recordings”, I get a message “Failed to load. Item not found”. This only happens when selecting NFL recordings; everything else works as it should. Note: I just tried the Tablo app on my ROKU tv and this problem doesn’t occur on that platform. Sounds like an Apple issue.

Both the ROKU TV and the Tablo are hard-wired to the router. Spectrum is the IP

I don’t own any apple products but I can speculate that the app data is stale and not being updated. Maybe if you delete tablo’s local appletv data it will reload it from the unit on the next connect.

zippy, you are a genius! I deleted the viewing data from the Apple TV and all is well. Thank you!

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