My New SanDisk SSD for my Orig. 4 tuner unit

Using a WD Elements 4TB hd, our recordings started to be broken up into 3 min., 4 min, 1 min, recordings… BAD NEWS!
That is a sign that the HD is going or IS Bad… Eventually, we couldn’t even watch LIVE stations! The disk drive went SOUTH losing all recordings.

NOW, I order and installed a new SSD and it works beautifully! Guaranteed to last 5 years (no moving parts)! :slight_smile:
This is what I got:

SanDisk 4TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD - Up to 2000MB/s - USB-C, USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 - External Solid State Drive - SDSSDE81-4T00-G25

Got from Amazon… Overnight delivery (with Prime)…
I swapped disks, powered up, pushed Blue/green button, Blue LED started blinking… after 2 min., per instructions, NOTHING happened… I thought the SSD was not going to work… I had dialed the Support Number and after waiting awhile and before talking, The Screen Changed!! Giving me the option to Format the disk! I took it! (and hung up) It took awhile to format 4 TB of data… Finally, it was done!

It has been working like a DREAM! Much better than it ever did before!

There has been discussion what is better… a standard HD with recording heads, etc. OR a SSD (Solid State Disk).

Well, it’s like trying to compare a Ford Model T with a Ferrari! NO CONTEST!

The weakest link in a std. HD is that it has VERY SMALL read/write Heads where even a puff of smoke will cause it to CRASH rendering the drive useless. Eventually, from temp changes from really Cold to really HOT, the recording surface goes bad giving poor results; extra time via retries, etc. and finally just plain Failure.

The best part of a SSD drive is that there are NO MOVING PARTS… The whole thing is made up RAM (Random Access Memory) plus a small controlling program that Simulates the operation of the std. The memory is non-volitile; will not go to Zero when powered off) seeking, reading, writing, error checking, etc. etc. The memory access is super FAST, the program operates super FAST… It’s the Ferrari!
The weakest part is the Memory; SanDisk is the Pioneer in this area, they are the very best… therefore, the memory, etc. is the Best It Can be… (IMHO)… It is warranted for 5 years! Most HD’s are for 2-3 years.

There you have it!

You can be assured that by getting a SanDisk SSD, you are getting The Best money can buy.

Oh, why did I get the PRO model vs. the standard model? SPEED!
The Pro model is designed for the Pro Photographer needing to take pictures as FAST as possible… etc.

I paid $300+ for the PRO rather than approx. $260 for the std. model.
To me, it was worth that $40-$50 extra SPEED and value.

I hope this makes it easier for everyone to decide on a SSD and Why!


Post seems more like an ad…

Even SSD’s have “wear” issues. The way the bits are stored can be damaged over time whenever it is changed. They use methods like wear leveling to spread out where data is written over time. There are also special commands like TRIM that reduce the amount of writing needed.

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Hey, I’m not getting one penny from that post!
I wish I had been able to see this BEFORE I spent HOURS & HOURS researching and studying the subject!
Obviously, if you don’t like it, DO NOT BUY IT! :slight_smile:

Don’t accuse me of running an AD for it when it is ONLY FYI!

Show me a NON SSD, HD, that is warranted for 5 years! Hello?

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I think Andy was referring mostly to your interesting use of all caps :wink:

Enterprise grade HDDs are still sold with 5yr warranties, but you do have to be selective.

Despite not having moving parts, SSDs are still subject to a limited lifetime. This is by design.

Always keep a backup!

As AndyRoss said, SSD’s do wear out.
Writes are the main culprit.
Don’t know how, but Writes cause more wear than Reads.

This is very simplified, but a write is a change to the gates, on or off, which causes more electron migration while a read is just sampling the status of the gates. Since the migration is always one way, eventually the gate loses connection.

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The amount of time of a warranty does not necessarily reflect a better product. A Lexus has a 3 year warranty and a Hyundai has a10 year warranty; which would you prefer to have to drive?

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My Hyundai

:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: - I should have figured., How about a Tesla with a 4 year warranty?

Wanted to get the Model 3, except I think they are butt ugly.
Was waiting for 2024’s to come out as they are redesigned, but said wouldn’t be until late January/Early February of this year.
Just happened our Electric company was putting on a car show of all-electric car.
Went and looked at all of them and really liked the Hyundai Ioniq 6 and forgot all about the Tesla.
Went to dealership next day and got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Haha
10 year warranty on batteries sealed the deal.
Love driving it, it’s a blast.

Nice going! Congratulations!

If you get a chance, check if an accident/collision voids the warranty? The reason i ask is because someone i know had problems with getting their battery system repaired/replaced under warranty and their car was only 3 years old and the explanation that was given to them was that an accident that they had a year or two before may have contributed to the battery system problems and the warranty was void.

I’m not intending to be a jerk but the Tablo can’t use that extra speed because the USB ports are USB 2.0. You’re capped at 480 Mbits/sec no matter what drive you buy.