My new legacy tuner won't read our stored programs

I had the original tuner but it stopped working last week. I ordered a new legacy tuner (lite model) and connected it with a cable to the router, all is well, except it will not show the saved TV programs on the original approved HD. I don’t want to format the drive for obvious reasons. Can I avoid it?

It might be possible to migrate data from one to another. Keep searching the forums for other similar topics. Also, the support articles have things such as:

IDK if this is helpful in your case, but I know I’ve seen plenty talk of how to move data from one device to another. (I’m a 4th gen user, but thought this information might help.)

I found a post where a fellow had a similar problem, but he had used an unauthorized storage device that, as I recall, wouldn’t allow him to view his programs. My situation is from the original tuner to a newer tuner, but it is still considered to be a legacy model. The drive is recognized in the settings page, but not seeing my stored programs.

The document that @269587 attached above gives a detailed description of how to move a drive from one legacy Tablo to another legacy Tablo. Have you followed those directions?

You said all is well, did you run channel scan on new lite model? If you did will have to do factory reset like in instructions to transfer.

Yes, I attempted to follow the instructions, but step 5 says go to an address on another device. (I can’t post the address here because of a limit imposed on new users)
I did this on my desktop, and the red X does not appear as the instructions say it should.
The photo is of the screen that appears.

Yes, I did the channel scan. I got to the point where it indicated my hard drive would be formatted during the next step.

The document " Moving your recordings to a new Tablo" only has 4 Steps, so I’m not sure what you are referring to as being step 5.

Steps 5 and 6 are from the “Factory reset” document required in cases when a set up was attempted already. There is a link in the document you mentioned.
" Note : For this process to work, your NEW Tablo must be taken directly out of the box. If you’ve already run a channel scan on your new Tablo, you will need to factory reset it for these instructions to work."

If after following all of the steps, you’re still unable to access your existing files I would suggest that you contact @TabloSupport by either calling or opening a ticket.