My Firestick can’t find my Tablo

I have been a Tablo user for a couple of years. Starting about 3 days ago my Firestick cannot find my Tablo. I can access the Tablo with my iPad with no problem and the Firestick seems to be working with other apps. I have rebooted everything multiple times, any suggestions?

Have you rebooted your router? That is the usually culprit when a device can’t find the Tablo.

I have, but maybe in the wrong order. The router does seem to be working fine with everything else, but I will give it another go.

@Sarah_Lynch The other thing to check is whether your Fire TV is connected to a guest network… If that’s the case, it won’t be able to ‘see’ the Tablo.

Interesting, I don’t know how that could have happened, but I will check.

Rebooted router again and now seems to be working. I still don’t understand why my other devices were able to find the Tablo, but thanks for your help.

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It’s just a weird quirk of the Tablo that doesn’t happen often (I think it has happened once or twice in all these years to me), but the router reboot fixes it. It’s not an obvious troubleshooting step, since the Tablo works for other devices and your Tablo client is likely working for everything else.