My experience with ISP’s

My experience with CenturyLink and Cox in Phoenix AZ.

There was a request to share these kinds of experiences to Facebook or Twitter, but I don’t use either. So…here it is.

With CenturyLink I bought their DSL Modem/WiFi with speeds 40/2 down/up. Reliability was terrible and because of distance to their hub, no better package was available. Commercial skip would work sometimes, but would consume the network and stop all other devices.

Switched to Cox Cable 150/10 and rented their Panoramic WiFi Router. The router was all marketing and no technical documentation. When trying to do port forwarding to support Tablo Remote Connect, I was told I would need to subscribe to their Tech Support for $10/month.

I installed a LinkSys cable modem, and LinkSys WiFi as I have used them for many years. Port Forwarding worked immediately upon plug and play connection.

Returned the Cox rental modem, but no decrease in my monthly fee as it was a promotion.

Everything works great now.