My complete cord setting setup

When Time Warner starting charging cable modem rental, I purchased a Zoom 5341J cable modem, thereby saving $10 plus tax per month

I upgraded my Router last year to a Linksys N750 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band+ Router with Gigabit & USB Ports Wireless AC was not finalized yet.

I have the first generation Roku 3 and a Roku LT 2700x

At first I HAD a Mohu Leaf 50, but it did not get all the channels I wanted. So I upgraded to a Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna which added GetTV and a few other channels. This antenna is designed for BOTH VHF and UHF stations and is the one I currently recommend, unless you can do an outdoor antenna. This way you can avoid the “is the broadcast channel UHF (most are) or VHF” (some are, even display UHF channels as I learned)

I got the Tablo 4 tuner DVR from Newegg when there was a promo going on to get a free 1 TB hard drive. Now that the Tablo firmware has been upgraded to support larger hard drives, I upgraded to a 5 TB drive and got the Segate 5 TB that they tested in house.

Since the Roku 4 was finally announced and I see it supports wireless AC, and my router only goes to wireless n, I ordered TRENDnet Wireless AC Easy-Upgrader I sure hope this allows for DHCP reservations or it is going back.

I have the Tablo and Rokus, and laptops all wireless, and except for the Roku LT 2700x Tablo Preview channel not working (but the beta Tablo Preview Channel does) I don’t have any problems. Also the Roku 2700x has a chirping sound that they are working on.

From what I read on the wireless AC, it will be in bridge mode when you hook it up to your router. It will basically be in slave mode. Your router will still handle all routing activities such as DHCP. So DHCP reservations should work…

The apple express works the same way. I use that for my wireless. It is in bridge mode and my router handles everything else…

I’m in the process of testing out a similar setup right now. Roku 3, Tablo (2 tuner), 2TB WD Elements drive, Channel Master Sealthtenna, SlingTV with HBO add on, and Netflix.

I unplugged my TWC box and have been using only this setup since Sunday. I’m pretty happy overall. I notice a difference when watching NFL games and I believe I read on this forum that it has to do with the 1080i setting and not getting 60 fps. I haven’t upgraded the firmware yet.

Which firmware are you running?

It had 2.1.14 out of the box. Based on some of the threads about 2.2.2 I’m hesitant to update.

Yes wait until 2.2.5 comes out where you will have two 1080p recording qualities.

If you’re using a 720p recording quality, then upgrade to 2.2.2

I currently have it set at 1080i and notice that while watching NFL games and there is quick action (a ball being thrown and the camera follows the ball) that it looks…different. A little choppy, harder to follow. Same with scrolling text across the bottom of the screen during games. Am I correct that this is due to the game being broadcast in 60 fps and I’m only able to output 30 fps? When the 2.2.5 firmware comes out should this eliminate that problem as long as my wifi can handle it?

Not sure if I ordered the right one. I’ve seen several since I ordered. I just ordered an USB ac network adapter for NY laptop so I can test it. It is by the company that I think has a bett r ac ap

1080i is not a recording quality setting. 1080i 30 fps is the source content where it is recorded to 1080p 30 fps video on 2.1.30.

The issue with the 2.2.2 1080p recording quality is that it records 720p 60 fps source content as 720p 60 fps video which some players cannot playback properly. 1080i 30 fps source content is still recorded as 1080p 30 fps video.

The current 1080p recording quality on 2.1.30 records 720p 60 fps source content as 1080p 30 fps video which the players have no problems with.

Overall if you’re watching football games broadcasted in 720p 60 fps you will see a visual improvement with the new “1080p 10 Mbps” recording quality.

I commented on the link that you posted. If you purchased that one you should be fine.

One thing to think about with antennae … I picked up an inexpensive RCA standard UHF / VHF outdoor unit for like $13 at one of the big box hardware stores. My HOA would probably have way too much to say about sticking an arial out in my yard, but I have it hanging in the attic space over my garage. Not visible outside, virtually 2 stories up, and pointed in any direction I want since it is just hung with ropes from the rafters. Also protected from the elements, so no rain in the coax, no wind messing with the direction, etc.

Something to consider if you have attic space. The one layer of roof really has very little dampening effect on the signal.

As long as the antenna is 1 meter or less in diameter, your HOA can say nothing according to the FCC. I have a Mohu Sky up outside and haven’t heard a peep (I did do all I could to make it not stick out though).