My Christmas wish list

Tablo support open at least 4 hours on Saturday
No synching on Android phone…AppleTV and Roku don’t have it
Faster, correct new channel add to guide - December 10 will make TWO MONTHS for 19.5 LIGHT TV in Austin, TX, yet TitanTV has it. If Tablo guide says 1:00 PM it is really 4:00 PM leaving me to manual recordings for this channel.

Hmm, a Tablo Christmas list. That’s a tough one for me. It does exactly what I wanted it for. I think I would like:

50% off lifetime subscription to to guide data.

Integrated commercial tagging (so things like surlatablo can quickly remove them).

surround sound support (when the broadcast includes it).

My wish list hasnt changed much in quite a while… Outside of the first one, the rest are in no particular order.

  • Updated Roku & PC interface to include the ability to set max # of recordings

  • Setting specific extra recording time (start XX before, record XX after)

  • Prioritize by channel (when a show is shown on two channels, set which one the Tablo should use)

  • Feature Parity between playback devices (this is getting closer but still not there)

  • Software reset button

  • Single button to resume live TV (rather than having to fast forward to catch back up to live)

  • Real Time OTA Signal Strength meters

  • Manually add channels (and/or an option to re-scan and add new found channels but NOT delete old ones)

  • Record program you’re watching on live TV

  • And of course - Surround Sound


All the apps should have the same feature set and be somewhat consistent in their implementation.

Maybe go back 3 years and implement some of those requests and thus prevent users from completely going a different direction.

Eliminate the “pairing” requirement for remote access to your Tablo. Implement an option to use a simple user ID and password for those who would like this feature.

I would love to recommend Tablo to my friends and family, but I just cannot do it until this ridiculous pairing requirement is eliminated. I will not take the risk of others coming back to me and complaining about this “feature”.

Tablo, if you are listening, I can sell more Tablos for you if you fix this. The ability to “remote in” to your Tablo from anywhere is a tremendous feature. When it breaks, as it always seems to do when I travel, it just infuriates me. OK, I am getting off this soapbox now . . .

We’ve got 5 years left, then new tablo or box to connect to it.

I’m okay with that. I figure in 5 years I might start caring about recording in 4K, assuming any of the broadcasters around here migrate and I get a new TV by then.

That will require a new tuner; most if not all of the software should be portable to the new hardware at that time.