My 5 year Tablo

I bought a 4 channel Tablo five years ago. It never connected via a lan cable and still can’t. Every time I change a provider my wireless connection gets harder to connect to my wifi. It’s been working well but lately it needs to reboot a lot more. Also has a lot of problems with CBS for some reason.

When you are changing providers are you changing the hardware I assume? And if you are, is it modem/router combo type hardware? I’m trying to understand what you mean by it gets harder to connect via your WiFi.

This may be too late for you, but for others who may have issues with their tablo never working -

This is a “100% repair or replacement warranty on hardware defects for 12 months”.

It’s the way you have to connect via WiFi. Use your phone or tablet connect to the unit and then fight your cell phone that wants to change wifi networks because there is no internet. It’s a battle.
But never fear I bought a new quad 4 netwok unit and it’s works great. Ethernet works now so easy to setup. And it runs so much cooler. The old unit got so hot, I guess not enough ventilation. All channel work, old unit had tuner problems.
Thank you for your thoughts on the subject. Still happy with Tablo.

Glad to hear you found a solution.

Using a Tablo via WiFi definitely makes it run hotter.

However, I have 3 Tablos using WiFi, all original (2: 4 tuners, 1: 2 tuner).
Even during the hottest times of the year (110F outside, 90F inside), the Tablos have zero issues.

All our Tablo issues went away when did 2 things:

  1. Upgraded from flat $20 HD indoor antennas to high quality indoor/outdoor antennas (Antop 400-BV).
    We do not use amplification, as it causes more issues than solves.
    2 Tablos (4 tuners) share one antenna, which is mounted on the roof.
    1 Tablo (2 tuner) has its own antenna, which is sitting on a 2nd floor bedroom dresser.
  2. Removed weak signal TV channels.

Zero Tablo crashes.
Zero Live TV issues.
Zero recording issues.