MUST have ability to extend time

Technical difficulties of the Spurs game, so game on hold. Game WILL finish late. I’m recording it, but what can I do besides manual recording? Programming tonight MIGHT be ok, since this is game one of a double header and it is in the afternoon instead of primetime.

Why not just schedule the program right behind the game?



I alway set the program right after to record if it is something I really want to have. It never fails that some politician, terrorist or hollywood type wants their 15mins of fame :laughing::laughing:

And how do you know what that program is if you schedule the sports program 1 week out? Your method requires you to add the extra show from the 24 hour guide (or you just happen to know what show will be on after the game). Not an optimal solution. Adjustable start/stop times for recording seems a better way to go.


Yes that was just a workaround and may not be convenient when the game was more that a day out. Also, we’ll need to remember where to look for the last part of the game, and the recording page will be filled with those “padding” programs (more maintenance work later). The adjustable start/stop extension would be the real solution, and it has to be implemented as a per recording basis.

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There is a setting to extend live recordings and I believe it is on by default. It will extend the recording time of sporting events by 50% of the total time. Are you saying that the technical difficulties will cause the game to go beyond that buffer?

I don’t usually have problems with sporting events because of the extend live feature. It is the shows that come on after a sporting event that give me problems. They usually only affect me on Sundays on CBS and I have gotten into the habit of recording the next airing program on a week by week basis.


It was only 13 minutes so it was OK. I did make it home to watch the whole game.

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I am really sick of this lack of common feature set in 2016. TiVo and even DvRs from cable companies have had flexible, “on the fly” , ability to “ADD” time. they present the option when setting up a single recording, or a series, the option to set an extra value from 5 minutes to several hours, FOR EVERY instance.
Why had Tablo not offered this feature? Every Sunday I miss half of recordings, and I never know until I go to play back Madam Secretary or other shows, that I only have a few minutes of the beginning of the show because of I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT delayed the entire programming schedule.
There is also no option to delete watched shows after “XX” days, or after “xx” episodes have been recorded. I watch Jeopardy, but not all the time. I don’t NEED 40 episodes recorded of it. In other DVRs, I could set it to auto-delete anything more than “X” episodes accumulated.
Dear Santie Claus - please put these on my wishlist for Christmas 2016? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I LOVE Tablo, please do not mistake my whine and cheese party for a dislike for IT, just a dis-satisfaction with the choices the programming team and those that designate the programming goals for them. This ain’t rocket science, and the featuresets that garner the MOST pleasure from their TiVo, the other DVRs, etc. It’s a question of priorities…I hope this becomes a priority, because it is MOST frustrating…


This is the nicest set of complaints I’ve seen so far. :slightly_smiling:

The Tablo will record an extra 5 minutes at the end of a non-live show, if there’s a tuner available.
If you have ‘Extend Live Recordings’ enabled, the Tablo will record an extra 50 percent more time at the end of a live show.
Tablo’s guide provider’s data is used to differentiate between a live and non-live show.
Sometimes they get it wrong, and a live show is not extended by 50 percent.

It’s typically a live event that runs long.
Happens to some of my recordings from time to time when a live sports event runs long, and then I only get the last half of Judge Judy recorded. :frowning:
Damn you sports!

You better be good.
I’m watching you. :wink:

Hey Tex. Talk about priorities. Judge Judy over live sports? Far out!

JerryG - Haven’t event SEEN a visual of Judge Judy via channel flipping in a decade or more. I’m argewin’ over the ripple effect. No, I wasn’t watchin’ some “live sports”, I wanted to record somethin’ that came on 2 shows AFTER said “live sports”, and due to the ripple effect, EVERY show is started and ended 45 minutes later and Tablo ain’t smart enough to allow me to buffer things for those typical Sunday night shows most likely to be sliced up by Tablo. SOME DVRs have the feature for me to set the option for THOSE programs (say, Madame Secretary), to ALWAYS RECORD 1 hour or 3 hours beyond the ending of that particular program (as scheduled). I just hope that whoever thought setting ONLY “live sports” to be able to go 50% more (why a percent makes more sense than a definitive numeric value of minutes, I dunno), figures out that allowing such flexibility for ANY PROGRAM makes courteous customer convenience. :slight_smile:


FYI: This is Mrs. Claus and I have your request. I will pass it to Santa. By the way, TexARC, I totally agree with you about being able to set Sunday eve programs to record over. I am also tired of missing half of Madam Secretary or the Good Wife because of sports shows extending. I don’t care what the reason is, as you say cable DVRs have that option built in so I automatically went there and set the program to record for up to 3 hours additional just to ensure that I watched 60 MInutes, Good Wife and Madam Secretary. This should be a no-brainer in today’s technology!

Thanks for ranting for me so I don’t have to do it myself.

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Say what?! Hopefully a lot of these desired (and needed) features will be implemented LONG before then.

I’d like flashng green on S7 fixed for my birthday, which is June 30.

Along with the ability to extend the record time, it would be nice to have the ability to shorten the time as well… an example of where this might be used is the case where a show is scheduled to run 1 minute over, and you need the tuner for a show to be recorded on another show afterwards… this would result in a scheduling conflict. Often, the extra minute is used to stuff in an extra bunch of commercials, so there is little to no loss of the show, perhaps the closing credits. Anyway, it would be nice to have that flexibility.

Network evening newscast, while live, don’t run over their half hour. Save some disk space.

Well, here we are at Christmas 2016 and this feature is still nowhere to be found… Disappointing, really. Even the manual workaround of setting a manual recording is hit-n-miss as weekly shows often take a week off here and there, and you don’t know until you try to watch it. FF’ing to try to find the start of a show that didn’t air is, well, futile and frustrating.

@TabloTV - is this even on the radar? Well over a year into my Tablo, and it is beginning to feel like it will always be a ‘beta’ level product, even with the enhancements that have been made. Lack of widely available DVR functions is beginning to wear thin. Features like being able to add time to a recording either for the entire series or on an individual episode basis.

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I totally agree with you. I have had my Tablo for quite some time and am dismayed that some of my recordings start after the program has started (NCIS, Bones to name a few) and I have all programs set to record over. Most of them still don’t record long enough to record the entire program if it runs over. Some programs start earlier than others and some take several minutes to get to the beginning. For example, on Sunday evening we watch 60 Minutes, Madam Secretary, Elementary and have to record the news in order to see the end of the Elementary. If the programs all start on time it is fine but when they are delayed for whatever reason, even setting the Tablo to record over doesn’t help unless you record the next program…and perhaps the next one after that! With my old DVR from Cox Cable I was able to record up to 3 hours over so this should be a no-brainer for @TabloSupport

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