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This is a dumb newbie question, but I can’t find the answer anywhere on the site and I don’t have a Tablo yet, so I can’t just go hook it up and try it. Once I do connect Tablo to my Airport, how do I link to my tv sets (they’re both dumb as stumps, with no internet connectivity). I’m guessing I can attach a Roku box to one, and an Apple TV to the other?..

Last concern: Will wife and I be able to watch different programming at the same time?.. e.g., one set tuned to a live broadcast channel, say, and the other playing a recorded show simultaneously?

Thanks for your help. (My DirecTV agreement runs out next month, and I’m anxious to get switched over.)

Can’t speak for Airport/Apple stuff… but if you have a 2 tuner model, you could watch two different channels at the same time (note: recording is the same as watching).  Of course with a 4 tuner model, you could watch/record 4 different channels.

I use Roku as the front ends for my TVs (a more lasting solution than proprietary solutions found in so called smart TVs).

Hope you get switched over soon!

@Jayce To get the Tablo to stream to your TV, you have a few options:

- iPad with Airplay to Apple TV
- Android or PC with Chromecast
- Roku
- PC to HDMI

@cjcox is correct on the ‘tuner-math’. We have a blog post on this if you’d like more details:

@jayce Yes to your first question, you can watch through Roku. With the Airport Extreme I setup a static IP and opened the ports required for external viewing.

From the FAQ:
This depends on the quality of your home WiFi network.  If Tablo has a wired connection to your home router and uses 802.1 G or N technology, up to 6 devices can watch a live or recorded program simultaneously. If the Tablo uses WiFi to connect to your home router, the number of simultaneous views could be cut in half.

@TabloSupport fyi, your link is for this thread :stuck_out_tongue: or I should say, brings me back here

Wow. That was fast.

Thanks all. This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Full speed ahead.

This is the tuner math post.