Multiple User Access

What has your experience been with multiple users accessing the Tablo Quad. I think Tablo may be my best solution but I want to be able to let four users access the four tuners simultaneously. I don’t know how often that might happen but, if that’s what I am paying for I want it to actually work
Thanks for your feedback.

I have run tests where I have had 6 different devices using my Tablo Dual with no issues.

The only potential issue with any of the 4 tuner devices is if you have the maximum quality set and you try to watch 4 different live tv streams. You will probably be limited to 3 due to how the 4 tuner handles that setting.

You can watch up to 6 different recordings at the same time (recordings don’t use a tuner). Or a combination of live tv and recordings.

There also aren’t multiple user profiles like Netflix. So everyone’s recordings will be in one spot.

Get a giant drive like 8TB and you’ll never run out of recording space. With multiple people with different viewing preferences, you’ll likely run into recording conflicts with more than 4 recordings at once being scheduled.

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