Multiple TV with 1 Tablo

Currently have 4 tuner Tablo, 1 TV with Roku 3. Going to add 2nd TV with Roku. Will I be able to stream to both TV at same time? I’m sure this has been covered, just can’t find answer.

As long as you have a hard drive attached then you can.

I have 3 TVs hooked up & we can all watch Tablo at the same time if we wish…


P.S. I have 2 Roku 3’s and one 55" TCL Roku TV.

It’s just a surprising question since being able to stream to up to 6 devices at once is one of the biggest selling points of the Tablo.

To @snowcat’s point, see this screenshot from the main Tablo website:

Well, in fairness to jwwhite001, no where in that quote does it say “simultaneously/at the same time/concurrently.” We all probably read it that way, but had it clearly specified “at the same time,” then all would be explicitly clear.




Just some more info… the ability to stream to end device can be complicated depending on configuration to the device. If the device appears to be remote for example, it might need a tuner in order to serve the show at the set remote bandwidth rate. In all fairness, at that point it’s not really “your local network” but you have two local networks… if this doesn’t make sense at all feel free to ignore…

The paragraphs goes on to mention using WiFI and 3/4G connection, which for the sake of argument, tends to imply “remote” at that point… in which case, what I said is going to be interesting. Example, my wife is watching Live TV at home, I want to watch Live TV remotely at work and we have a 2 tuner Tablo. Very likely this won’t work because there’s not enough tuners. Just saying…