Multiple tablos on one network

I’m debating upgrading to a 4 tuner DVR after rough start and a year in I’m sticking with Tablo. That being said I have a few questions.

  1. I’m going to assume there will be no issues having a second tablo on the network Assuming I give then a different name. The old tablo will simply be left online for its library with tuning and recording being taken over by the new unit.
  2. what’s the current upper limit on hard drive size?
    3)have there been or will there be any imminent hardware upgrades?


  1. You are correct. You can just switch between Tablos by disconnecting and connecting for each client. Also, your subscription covers all Tablos that you own.

  2. There isn’t a limit now.

  3. No hardware upgrades have been announced. It appears that all development work is on the software side.


Is there any sort of process for transferring the library on my old tablo to a new bigger hard drive for the new tablo?

If you’re going to keep both, why bother? There’s a process for switching a disk between Tablos, and a different one (more complicated) for transferring programs to a different drive. It’s very easy to make a mistake and loose everything with both of those procedures.

I was only going to keep it online for the library. If I can port everything there is no need

Where is “The process” that you speak of for “switching a disk between Tablo transferring programs to a different drive”?

You can have One Tablo Station… and multiple, for example, Fire TV,s attached to several TV’s… ALL of which can connect to the ONE Tablo station… To Play, record, etc.

First of all, you’re not limited to a single Tablo server. You can have multiple Tablos, and change which one each of your clients is connected to at any time.

Second, I was referring to two different processes, both of which are discussed elsewhere in this forum. One is to move the external drive between different Tablo devices. Such as when upgrading from a dual tuner to a quad tuner. I think that procedure is documented in a Tablo support article. The other is for copying the content of an external drive to a different drive, usually to increase capacity. That process is not officially supported by Tablo, as it’s very easy to mess it up and loose all your content.

On my Homeworx DVR, drives are interchangeable and can even be attached to a USB hub without any extra measures. The Homeworx can dynamically work with multiple drives attached to a hub. It simply asks, “Which one would you prefer me to use at this moment to record?” This is a $30 box!

If the Tablo cannot implement such a structure because of its database architecture, here’s a suggestion. Use one USB port for attaching a USB key for the system database (guide, channel scan, user preferences, etc). Use the other USB port for a drive that simply holds the recordings. It can be swapable dynamically (but the system key in the first port remains unswappable).

This way also, if the system key gets corrupted, the recordings drive still maintains its data.

The Roku has something of this (not entirely) in which a USB drive of videos can be attached to the USB port and extra channel data (streaming packages) can be stored on a separate card in the micro-USB slot.

I have two Homeworx boxes (one for my projector, the other as a backup to my Tablo). I can easily switch the drives between the two Homeworx without any procedures. Each Homeworx recognizes instantly a swapped in drive.

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