Multiple Tablos - does each front end keep a default tuner?

I have one 4-tuner Tablo being used with 4 Rokus on a hard wired network. Out here on the Olympic Peninsula I am using multiple antennas to receive Seattle stations from the Southeast and have no problems getting ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, PBS, and ION. I scan a total of 45 stations but only use these six and supplement with PS VUE and Netflix. Because I want to receive another PBS station, a different CBS tower in Issaquah (The Seattle one goes down a lot lately) and CBUT in Vancouver, I set up another antenna (with preamp) pointing North and get a strong signal from my desired channels. I cannot combine my three SE pointing antennas and my N pointing antenna without reducing signal strength (I already have a Winegard LNA-200 on each of my 8-bay antennas) so my only solution seems to be buying a 2-tuner Tablo and attaching it to the North pointing Antennas Direct C4.
Sorry for the long post but the community seems to like details so I thought it would be better to explain my setup up front.
All of this seems complicated but I am saving $1300 a year and OTA is a hobby I have had for 50 years.
Will each Roku keep a default Tablo and how do you pull up a menu to change from one to another?
I only ask because of the WAF, my wife doesn’t like complicated menus - wants to click on Tablo and have the default one come up on the TV she uses.
Thanks for any input.

If you have multiple tablos(give each a different name on the settings page) and roku, then the first time you enter the tablo roku app both/all tablos are displayed.

If you pick one, you enter that tablo at the selected tablos main page. If you back out from any menu page (recordings) (using the back button) of that tablo you get a message disconnect, exit, cancel. If you disconnect then you return to the multi-tablo screen.

If you exit OR use the roku home button you end up back at the roku main menu. If you then select the tablo app again you end up back on the same tablo and menu (recordings) you exited from.

Or at least that’s how my two tablo setup seems to work.

Thanks for the clarification. I will order a 2-tuner Tablo and connect it to my north pointing antenna. I tried connecting it to the Tablo and it wouldn’t show listings for Vancouver, so I guess they think I am too far away. I tried using the Bellingham zip and I got Vancouver (CBUT) listings and lost CBS listings. I guess I will have to try different zip codes to get the listings I want on Tablo North. Wish you could choose the listings you want on the grid as I am on a hill and have unusual reception requirements. I heard that the Tablo people might be working on software that will combine multiple Tablo units and show combined listings on the grid; I hope that this will happen in one of the updates.
I had a Tivo Roamio with my cable system and it was very good, but locked up more often than the Tablo. I have minimal complaints about the Tablo at this time.

If you don’t have a huge list of channels or some strange overlapping channel combos, you can usually open a support ticket and ask for the specific channel to be added to you zip code.

When my refurb gets here, I’ll try using my correct zip code and then request that the one Canadian channel be added. Good to know that support will help with this.

We’re in the West Sound and I’ve asked to have 39.1 added to the channel list.

That’s what we use as a CBS alternative at our location.