Multiple Tablos and recordings/playback

I’m looking to purchase a Tablo moving from MCE. But my question is when you have multiple units what does it look like in app? When you sign in are you signing in to the app is that from the cloud? When you schedule is that done from a higher level or just the unit level?

Can someone post a screenshot with multiple units? I’m going to get this or Silicondust.


Scheduling is done from the specific unit you are connected to, as an example; I have two tablos and you select which one you what to use. Then everytime you go in you will typically be connected to that one. You can disconnect and connect to the other one.

I had asked for the ability to sort of daisy chain or not care which one you are connected to and combine all the data, but my guess is something like that is going to be very far off if at all.

Jestep gives a good overview…

When people run multiple Tablo units we generally recommend using some sort of methodology so you know what recordings are on what box…

For example - adult recordings on one, kids recordings on the other. Wife’s recordings on one, husband’s recordings on the other.

That way signing in to the different Tablos is sort of like ‘profiles’ in Netflix and you don’t have to worry much about the lack of multiple Tablo integration in the UIs.

Thanks for the quick response. That might be enough to push over to Silicondust. I was really hoping this would more seamless.

Yes, I don’t want my wife messing with my recordings :stuck_out_tongue:

However, the wife really needs to delete some of the close to 500 recordings :open_mouth:
So that multiple episode delete is sounding really useful about now :wink:

We know! :slight_smile: I was just talking to the UI team about this at lunch. It’s definitely on the priority list.

From what i was thinking once the recordings happen i would pull the ones i want off and put into Plex. Have not read to much about that. Is it easy?

How many shows do you think you would have and why do you need that with Tablo? If you got a 4 tuner do you need more than that? I did, but just asking you :wink:

I believe the team working on the 3rd party Plex app has added support for multiple Tablos.

Well I have 12 days to make a decision so what is the time frame on that?

The beta does support viewing all shows or just shows for specific Tablo’s

It is still officially beta, but @Davidvr might be able to help with any dates

@ryan8382 Did you download the beta for plex and give it a try?

The first unit i received was DOA. Last week i got the other one. I have it setup in Plex now. I’m not sure if I’m seeing limitations of the channel or the service. In Plex when i try to play content outside of my network I’m getting cannot load M3U8: crossdomain access denied.

If my few days of looking at it, it seems like some things are done right but others features are missing. I went to setup recordings of shows and my only option is record all or one. So i set record all and now it is recording every episode of a particular show when I all i really want is “New”. Another thing is my kids like to watch AFV but they only need like 5 episodes is there any way to set a limit? I also finally did the port forwarding and playback external doesn’t seem to be working.

Sorry I spent most of my weekend working outside and rest learning docker so didn’t have much time to mess with it.