Multiple Tablo's and integration with OTT TV services

Like I mentioned, I don’t even own a Tablo yet so it is hard for me to be up to speed with ‘missing’ features.

Your experience in the business surely gives you a great perspective. I’m sure those are some of the main issues they are facing. Then again, a feature that would motivate a portion of their existing user base to purchase another unit could be resources well spent.

From everything I have read, my main wish list would include a series priority for better conflict resolution. Anything on top of that is gravy. The rest I will figure out once I get to actually use the product.

The Tablo is a network device. As such, it shouldn’t be all that hard for Tablo"A" to discover that Tablo"B" is also on the network. And have a means for the client app to select which Tablo they want to stream from. Having said that, I guess it would be the client app that needs to “detect Tablo” so it would know if there’s more than one.
The TiVos do this. There’s a tab called “Devices” and its populated with however many TiVos are on the network. Select the one you want to view recordings from. Done.
It doesn’t make all recordings from all Tivos show up in some kind of master list. But it makes switching between then easy enough that it’s not a big deal.
However, I agree that this may be low on the priority list of features to add if there aren’t a lot of people with multiple Tablos.

The Tablo already does this, the apps detects the 2 Tablo units and you can switch between them. There is no integration of all the recordings into one list.

One feature that tablo apps can have is that with multiple tablo units you can have each tablo unit start(connect) in a specific menu. So one unit can start in Live TV and another in Recordings.

Of course this feature is still implemented somewhat inconsistently across all the various tablo apps.