Multiple streaming from different apps?

Has anyone else been able to access live tv through two two different apps at the same time? I have the roku setup on one TV and it works great, and I have the ipad setup and it streams thru the Appletv on a different tv and it works great. But when I try to run both at the same time, one of them just stops. The roku is hard wired to my network, the Appletv is also hard wired to my network. For me to “cut the cord” I need to get this figured out. Thanks.

So this is interesting, I can watch the same live tv station on both the Appletv and roku at the same time But if I try to watch different stations I can’t do it. Maybe I’m expecting to much to be able to watch different stations at the same time?

@jwhitesel - You should be able to watch two different live stations at one time. But only if you aren’t recording anything at the time. 

Well I’ve tried pretty much everything that I could think of. I thought the 10/100 switch (non gigabit) that I have in my network might have been slowing things down, so I bypassed it, but still had the same problem. I moved the tablo to a different location on my network, still couldn’t do two live streams. Is there anything else I can try?

@jwhitesel - Place a support ticket and we’ll do some investigating. 

I got it! It all had to do with not having a hard drive attached. I got a new HD that connected to the tablo and now I can stream two at once! Now I love the Tablo!

By the way the hard drive is a toshiba canvio 2tb that was on sale at staples for $89.

I had a slightly different issue. I was recording a show, and while I was recording, I was playing it from the beginning on my iPad. When I also tried to play it back on my Android tablet using the native app, it instead went to the live viewing of the show.

When I closed out the recording on my iPad, the Android app was able to play the show from the beginning. This seems like a bug.

@jwhitesel - Glad you got things sorted out!!!  :-bd

@snowcat - That doesn’t sound like expected behaviour. Can you send a note to our support team ( so they can investigate? 

Sure, will do.

I received the explanation from Tablo Support.  Using the Android app, you cannot start to view a recorded show while that show is still recording.  It will just show the live feed.  Once the show is over, you can watch from the beginning.   It is a limitation of the app for now.

Has anyone had this error message?

 I am getting the message Failed to communicate Tablo at .....cannot read what follows.

This is on every ROKU but it is working on my Dell Laptop.  Very Strange.

@Tremjo - We did a server swap last night which may be the issue. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the Tablo ROku app.