Multiple Shows Not Showing up for ABC Search

Recently switched over to a Tablo device and I am facing an issue with ABC Guide info not showing certain shows: Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy even though they are ABC shows they are no where to be found. Is there any reason why they wouldn’t show up with my search? Is it because nothing is airing for those shows within 14 days?


If there are no episodes within the next two weeks, they will not appear.

Ok thanks. Yeah I just thought it was strange that even when I searched Prime Time and shows on ABC they didn’t come up. I will just be on the lookout for whenever they get ready to start.

Thanks for the reply.

When new episodes start back up you can use the Premiering filter in the TV Shows view to see when the new seasons are starting in the following 2 weeks and schedule them to record from there as well.

Thank you for the response. Appreciate it.