Multiple properties

Does the lifetime subscription allow adding multiple DVR for customers with more than one property? Example: owner of a home with an attached rental unit or home owner with separate property (cottage). If yes in the first example would the content remain separate? I wouldn’t want the renter to have access to our media drive.

Yes, the lifetime subscription is good for as many Tablos as you buy, no matter where they are located.

Each Tablo has its own hard drive and therefore its own content. However, if multiple Tablos are connected to the same network, a client device on that network can see and access all of them. There is no password protection to prevent users from accessing a particular one.

I hope this helps.

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Well there is a limit, I think it’s 10 Tablo units per subscription.

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That’s correct. Any more than 10 units and we’d need to work out an alternative licensing deal.

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