Multiple phone apps (users) different accounts (or view only app)?


I just installed and things seem to be working via my Android and numerous Roku devices.

QQ though. Other people in the house want to use their phone to access Tablo. When they create an account, the app wants to setup the Tablo again. I’m trying to avoid giving everyone in the house my password.

Can others on the home WiFi just use the app to watch using the existing setup just like Roku devices do? I don’t care if they need their own account or if a “view only” version of their phone app has to be used.


The account setup should only be by the person installing the Tablo in the home. The apps themselves should not need accounts.

The other people in your home should just be able to download and install the Tablo mobile app and then search for the Tablo to use.

What you can’t do is prevent others from changing settings, deleting recordings, set up other recordings, etc. While having different accounts for the Tablo has been requested multiple times over the years (so that Mom sees only her shows while Dad sees only his), it has never been done.

No option to search for existing Tablo (iPhone app). 1st screen, just 2 options, create new account or use existing account.

Interesting use case of the Tablo.

I can see two options:

  1. Take their phone and type in the username and password so they can’t see it.
  2. Give them the information and then change the password afterwards.

@TabloSupport may have more options.

What happens with the android mobile app if you log out of the app and then restart the app. I think it will ask for an existing userid/password. So I don’t think changing the password works.

Correct. It does.

There are any number of devices(cameras, smat plugs, alexa, etc) where the app acceses these devices indirectly by going through a central server. But for a tablo unit there should be no need for a tablo app to need validation with a centralized tablo server. Only the actual tablo unit should need this. App to tablo unit should be a direct connect. Of course a legacy user doing gen 4 beta testing should have seen this as a big red flag.