Multiple incomplete recordings

I’ve looked at related topic, but they are not a match for what I am seeing. I am a new Tablo owner and have been testing it to get an idea of how I will use it. I have done a couple of trial recordings and both times, a single movie is broken up into 5 or 6 recordings, most from the same showing. I am not suing my roof antenna yet, so a loss of signal would make sense except for the fact that the next sequence in the recordings picks up where the previous left off from the exact same showing. So, for example, I set up a recording of Exit Wounds for Feb 25th from 11PM-1AM. I ended up with 3 recordings on the 25th that included an approximately 50 minute beginning, a 15 minute middle, and a 20 minute end. I think that got the entire movie plus a few minutes of the next one. Then I got four more recordings from another showing on the 28th with a similar situation. Bottom line, so far this fails the wife test. Any idea what is going on and how to stop it? All I want it one complete recording.

I should also say that I am using the recommended Seagate hard drive.

A weak broadcast signal will do this.
Your Tablo will crash, reboot, and continue recording a new sequence.
It takes about 1 minute for the Tablo to reboot, by the way.

The best way is to time the weak signals and reboots during commercials…:smile:

Understood. It would seem that it would make sense that the application would then join the three recordings and flag the recording as incomplete. It record as many showings as necessary to get a complete recording and then join it into one file. Not sure why it is making a complete second recording.

Agreed, except that one recording file would contain multiple 1 minute breaks in the recording.

We should be able to track down what’s causing the split recordings if you send us a ticket. If it is weak signal, we’ll be able to give you details - or if it’s something else, like the drive, we’ll be able to see that, too.