Multiple episode delete on iPad?

Is there a way to delete more than one episode at a time on the iPad app (or Roku app for that matter)? I accidentally let my HDD fill up and had to delete a bunch of stuff. The only way I could find to do this was to individually delete each of hundreds of episodes. This was very time consuming and frustrating. I wanted to delete all recordings of an entire show, or even delete full seasons within a show. What a pain!

“Smart delete” will make it much easier to delete shows rather than one at a time.  Smart record and smart delete sound like they will be in the next release of code (or very soon afterwards), so hopefully it won’t be long.

We’re working on both right now. Stay tuned! 

Any update on multiple delete? It’s been six months and the lack of this basic functionality is really frustrating. Thanks!

Use the auto delete function for now. Deletes oldest recordings first. Mass delete function is on the road map still.

We totally hear you @gadgetman

We’ve been really focused on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV over the last few months so development of new UI required features like this has fallen a bit behind. 

Once we get those apps out the door, we’ll be able to focus on adding stuff like this. It’s VERY high on the priority list. 


Now that this feature exists across all other devices (except Roku), any idea on when it will be added to the iPad UI? It does exist on the iPhone Web app.


@theuser86 - I don’t have an ETA but we’ll be chatting about our next priorities over the coming week or so. The (potential) Apple app store announcement will have a big effect on what those plans will be.


Another option would be an Web based PC or MAC app to talk to the TabloTV device and present episodes in a file like format. Allow delete, sorting for episodes, etc.
Table Ripper and other talk to the TabloTV and are able to make sense of the episodes so not too far off from a capability I would think.