Multiple Devices to onr hard drive

I would like to use one drive connected to my router as a netwirk drive, at the same time having it to connected to myTablo, X Box Series X, and smart TV. Is that doable?

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Sorry but we don’t support the use of network-attached storage.

Our hard drive specs and recommendations can be found here:

You probably want to either save money or have access to the files outside the Tablo app. If it’s the latter you can rip files from the Tablo with a third party app as many of us do. That of course won’t stop you from needing two drives but for those that like to hang on to recordings the Tablo doesn’t necessarily need as big a drive when you store old recordings elsewhere.

To add to @jimtablotv

  • pretending you can use a NAS for your tablo - shows are not saved as a single “video file”.
  • The DB with the data as to what shows names equates to file storage is saved internally on the tablo.
  • Even if you could access the drive, you wouldn’t really know what’s what just by looking at all the numbers.

But since you can’t, none of this matters. Just trying to lend some insight. #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex has several apps you can export recordings and then save them on your NAS.