Multiple antenna inputs

the 4 tuner model should have multiple antenna inputs.  I live out in the country where antennas pointing in 3 directions can clearly pick up three markets.    but the antennas need to be aimed in the correct direction

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Or you know, you could do what he experts actually recommend…

or you could use a reverse splitter i.e. a tap which will combine mutliple inputs to 1 output… then feed that 1 output into the tablo.

If tablo would have put multiple inputs on their device there is no doubt at all that many would complain “why don’t we have just one input” :slight_smile:  can’t make everyone happy 

Multipath distortion could negatively affect combined signals.       Ideally a multi antenna/ multi tuner receiver would dynamically select the antenna input with the best signal quality.    Additionally you would not need to take care to ensure equal cable lengths to the different antennas as the solid signal website says.

I would think adding inputs and such dynamic capabilities would add cost to an already kinda pricey box.  That, and most situations would never use multiple RF inputs.  What about the reverse splitter idea and also use an attenuator to reduce any distortion/ghosting? 

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