Multi-season Sort Order

Many Tablo users record an old TV series that they like to re-watch because they love it, as in for example Last Man Standing. These series were usually were successful series and have several seasons and many episodes per season. The Tablo software sorts the 100+ recordings of Last Man Standing from the most recent recording and backwards per each season if the information was provided by the TV network. Why is it not possible to change the sort order? I want to start from Season 1, episode 1 at the top and not season 7 episode 25. Allow sort within the season or across seasons. I use a 4 tuner table with an internal HDD on a Roku Ultra with the latest firmware version in all devices.

It would be nice if we had season “Folders” to make it easier to go from season to season. So if you want to start with Season 1 first, you simply go to the Season 1 folder and choose your episode. I’ve run into this myself, and back in the day when they had 20 or more episodes per season, and say, 10 or more seasons, it can be a challenge to go into the recordings for the show and scroll all the way down to the season 1 episodes.

Looks like on the web app at least there is a season filter of sorts…