Multi broadcast region support

I have asked support if it’s possible to include the program information for multiple broadcast regions on a single TabloTV. I received what seemed to me to be a canned response about the TabloTV will only present the channels that it finds when a scan is done. The problem is that both the TV and the HDHomerun find many more channels, including channels desired in the adjacent broadcast region. If I use the local zip, I get some of the local channels, not all that are available, and no channels from the adjacent region. If I use a remote zip code included in the adjacent region, I lose the local channels.
Can the program data be merged?
Can multiple regions be selected for program data inclusion?
It seems to me that I cannot be alone in this desire…

Am I missing something?

Thank you all

Hi Chris - It sounds like our guide data database just needs to up be updated to include all of the channels you receive for your desired zip code.

If the channel comes up during the scan and is able to be added to the guide, you can still watch the channel by clicking on the channel ID on the far left of the Live TV grid.

It may be missing the guide data which can be resolved by contacting support directly with the zip you prefer to use and the list of channels that are not showing data using that zip.

Are all the channels showing up in your channel scan? The zip code you use doesn’t determine what channels show up in the scan. The zip code only determines the guide data.

Thank you for your response, I’ll rescan this weekend and see what is found.

Thank you