Muilti Tablo Guide

I have two Tablos and it would be nice if there was a way to see both Tablos in one guide without having to disconnect and switch Tablos.

That would require a massive change in the code that I don’t see it ever happening.

Thanks for the response. Just a thought as it can be slow to switch between the two Tablos especially when one has to sync.

Maybe a two antenna input Tablo device in the future? I tried combining two antenna signals before one Tablo but I got too many channels interfering with each other using that method. That is why I got two Tablos. If anyone knows off any other workaround for this, please let me know.

Do you have Tablos receiving different channels? Using different pointing antennas?

Yes one pointed towards Philly and one pointed towards Baltimore.

I’d just like to get all my channels available at once without rotating antennas and switching devices etc.

The switching between devices is not that bad as long as you don’t get stuck waiting for one to sync for several minutes.

Two TVs side by side with each TV being serviced by a different device to a different Tablo…:wink: The Philly TV and the Baltimore TV. Put a Phillies hat on top of one and an Orioles hat on top of the other.

I could do that with two streaming devices and changing TV inputs. That could speed things up a bit.

If your TV had picture-in-picture…for each streaming device…

Two Channels on one TV would be to awkward for me. I wonder if there is a way to run two Instances of the Tablo app in a single device? Really All I need to do is eliminate the refreshing time when I reconnect a Tablo?

Have you posted your question at Baltimore and Philly OTA reception forums (e.g. AVS)? There may be people over there who have tried this.

Perhaps when it say connect to Tablo, select which one. Synch first then synch other so when you change you don’t need to synch.

You could in theory with a combiner connect up both antennas and send one coaxial cable with all the channels to just one Tablo. Have you tried this?

I have multiple tablos and the switching isn’t that bad as long as the tablos have assigned functionality. It could be one is used as regular TV and the other as movies/sports. Or his vs hers. Or parents vs children.

I tried that first and had too many problems with channels interfering with each other. That was why I got the second Tablo

I have two Plex servers running and I noticed that on the one that I have running on my NAS4Free machine,. it retains the channels from both Tablos and I can access both Tablos from one guide there. I got that after fiddling with the IP override feature in the Plex Tablo App. Only problem is the channels are not in perfect order in the Plex Guide but I can live with that. Plex is also a great way to avoid the pairing hassle used in remote viewing. .

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