Moving your recordings to a new Tablo


In regards to this article , do I need to connect the new tablo and update it to the latest firmware first so both are on the same firmware? I usually connect via wifi, so I’m guessing after connecting and updating to the new firmware I will then have to do a factory reset on the new tablo, then start on step one?


Ok, just did the transfer and it went off like a hitch with no problems. Both need to be on the same firmware so just make sure you connect the new one to wifi or ethernet and upgrade to the latest firmware (if your previous one was on the latest). Then do a factory reset. Then plug in your Ethernet and power in that order and attach the USB drive. When you get the blue solid light it’s all transferred. You should then be able to connect via browser and should see all your recordings and schedule maintained. Thanks Tablo for making it easy.


I’m glad to hear someone got something to work the way it’s suppose to, with little to no problems. I’ve passed that link on to others before, noting I wasn’t familiar with anyone’s success story - although I’m sure there are/were.

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