Moving HD between 4th Gen Tablos

I have a 4th gen 2 tuner which I’m attaching an external drive to. If I get another 4th gen 4 tuner, can I relocate the drive from one Tablo to the other without having Tablo format and erase the contents and messing everything I already recorded?

Response from another thread.


No, I posted about it before. You lose everything and start new.

@snowcat - Thanks!

I noticed that this thread is a couple of months old. I have a Tablo 2-tuner with external drive and am planning to move to a 4-tuner. Has anything changed with updates in the interim (fingers crossed) or do I still need to wipe my drive and start over with the new 4-tuner model?

Nothing has been officially announced, so crossing your fingers hasn’t helped.

Hmmm, okay…was hoping I had missed the announcement of a change. Fortunately we don’t have a lot recorded that we haven’t watched.