Moving from Channel Master to Tablo

Just got my Tablo today, waiting on the HD to arrive. Past 10 - 12 years we use cm7500 x 4. Each are connected to a TV and were very happy with them. One recently bit the dust, ChannelMaster no longer available so the search was on and landed on the Tablo. Two antenna feeds to the CM.s had splitters at the wall with a short coax to the TV feed. Internet out, hit the TV button on the remote, all good. Power out, fire up the gen set and hit the tv button on the remote. Need to watch the weather here in central Texas.

Very anxious for the HD to get here and get the Tablo setup. Getting rid of all the channel Master dvr’s and setting up one Tablo. We hope to get as good a service from the Tablo as the Channel Masters provided.