Moving from 2 tuner to 4 tuner anything to watch out for?

I am getting my 4 tuner Tablo tomorrow and wanted to make sure I did not lose any of my recordings if I moved my current hard drive to the new box.
Is there anything I should watch out for when I make the move?
Any suggestions and input are appreciated.
Looking forward to the new experience without the possibility of recording conflicts!


IIRC, you cannot save the recordings. The news gets worse. Tablo won’t reformat your drive; hence, you’ll lose the recordings and the space they take will be lost permanently. To avoid losing the space, format the drive on a PC (any format) so Tablo will then see the wrong format and format the drive.


Contact Tablo Support directly. There is a way to move the database on the dual tuner Tablo to the quad tuner Tablo so you can use the same HDD with the new quad tuner. They have to do this for you, you can’t do it yourself.

There is no way to move recordings from say one HDD to a larger HDD, you will lose all the recordings this way. But if you’re going from one Tablo to another with the same HDD, it can be done.

Open a Support Ticket or call them.

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Will do.


You CAN (and I did) move to a larger disk and keep your recordings. @TabloTV or @TabloSupport pinned it. Basically Tablo format new disk, connect old disk and new disk to computer and copy. See pin for details about driver to install on your computer first.

Thanks for this. Well I meant no officially supported way.

Is there a way I could have linked to just the last part instead of the whole thread? While it did work I learned something…do NOT simply select them all and copy…it takes over 24 hours then ran out of memory. Suggest 10 or so at a time.

Not official, but further awesome service from the community.

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Well my experience did not go well.
I think the ambiguity of exactly how this is done caused some confusion in my attempted transition and loss of recordings.
There was a possible fault in the 4-Tuner unit that appeared to have caused some issues with updating to the latest firmware. After checking several times to make sure my recordings were still there somehow the drive was erased and set me back to square one. I know this is a rare occurrence it would be good however to know in clear terms how the process should be handled.

The lesson here is to make sure you have your recordings backed up somehow when making a move like this using one of the recording transfer programs mentioned on the forum. I have been using Tablo Ripper without any issue and it seems to do a great job.

I am a big fan of Tablo and you know you are one when you overhear someone talking about cord cutting waiting to board a flight and you have to tell them about Tablo ;^)

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