Moving external USB drive to internal? [Resolved]

Finally got my schedule data migrated over to a new external HDD on my new Quad. Pity this couldn’t be just a little more straightforward - though I’m thankful it finally worked and I didn’t have to reschedule all my shows.

Now that the Quad is up and running with the external USB drive: can I move this external drive to the Quad’s internal drive bay, without issue? Is it just gonna work?? (pretty please work…)

If the external is a SATA drive and can fit in the internal slot then I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. I’ve not heard of anyone trying it.

It worked. I called Support and, though they said using an external hard drive dock isn’t officially supported, it worked fine - and more importantly, moving the drive to the internal bay worked without issue. Didn’t lose my schedules or shows.