Movies on a day and channel

I KNOW from email that GetTV is going to be airing special movies on Monday. I would like a way to see what movies are on a given day and channel instead of having to look at all 14 days worth of movies. I mean besides waiting until the day and then looking at the guide and setting it up.

For NOW I am going to go to GetTV’s website and see the name of the movies I’m interested in, and sort them into alphabetical list and schedule them all. It SHOULD NOT be this difficult to simply see what movies are on a given day and channel.

I recently got GetTV back on my Tablo by playing with the antenna and the coax connecting the antenna to the Tablo. I have an indoor mohu Leaf 50.

If you go to the movies screen you can view them by channel which should help narrow the options down.

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But they are still alphabetical with 14 days worth of movies, though limiting it to just the one channel does show way fewer.

You bring up a good point in that there isn’t a sort option in Movies for “New” or “Coming up soon”. It would be great to sort chronologically, what is coming up the soonest.

Fair point indeed though… More sort options are definitely on the to do list.


It might be easier to look at the web site and look ahead to the days and times you’re interested in. Another really good web site is

Because the Tablo program grid only goes out 24 hours, it’s sometimes easier to use these web sites to look further ahead in grid format. I particularly like the web site, as it gives me exactly what I want with minimal fuss.

Great, appreciate it. Is it weird I’m addicted to reading the Tablo community posts :slight_smile: Ever since I bought this thing I love participating here. Great community, great support, enjoy your weekend.

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It seems like you’re not the only one addicted to hanging out here :wink:

I was honestly and totally shocked about how quickly the community took off when we launched it last year and even more shocked about how active it’s remained. But we do have awesome users who are game to debate and help other users which certainly helps.

Have a great weekend!

Ours is short but I am planning a trip to the US to pick up some tasty things that aren’t available here in Canada. Your junk food is just so much more awesome.


I too use Titantv and really like that they also have a mobile website. I
use it to create “fake channels” such as BYU, which although it is a TV
station on some cable, also has the same broadcast on Roku. They show Sue
Thomas FBEye among other shows. During last Christmas, I watched “Follow
Me Boys” on DISH (which is an old Disney movie starring Fred McMurray).
while visiting my parents. I looked at the name of the show/movie instead
of the channel. I wrongly assumed BYU only showed Morman shows. I also
watched the story of Silent Night. The first thing I did when I got home
was add BYU to Roku. Roku also has a MICASA live and on demand, which among
other shows is Bikini USA.

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