Movie not showing in EPG

I know from that “La Bamba” is going to be on March 5 at 10:30 PM, yet it is not showing in the EPG.  February only has 28 days this year and today is Feb 21, so 14 days would be March 6. Is anyone else having this problem?

I know from that "La Bamba" is going to be on March 5 at 10:30 PM, yet it is not showing in the EPG.  February only has 28 days this year and today is Feb 21, so 14 days would be March 6. Is anyone else having this problem?

Forgot to mention last movie showing in EPG is March 4, which is 14 days IF February had 30 days in it.

I think you found a very unique bug. I re-downloaded my guide just a few minutes ago, and I was able to see a show scheduled to record at 1 AM on Friday March 5.  But that is the latest scheduled recording that I have.

It looks like either the Tablo has the months as a minimum 30 days, or the guide provider does.  My bet would be on the Tablo.  Since this is the first February the Tablo has active, I can understand this not being noticed till now.

TabloSupport, any thoughts?

“La Bamba” was in the guide today, so I selected it for recording.

Any idea for improvement TableSupport?  It’s really ok, just it isn’t 14 days in advance, but still is in showing in time for the shows to be recorded.

IF you fix that bug, remember that February sometimes has 29 days.  see for leap year rules.

Tagging @tablosupport  I see this on my system too.

We’re looking into this now but it could be that at the time of the last guide data pull, no information was available yet for that particular channel for those particular days. Still, this is a bit odd which is why we’re investigating with our data provider. 

Stay tuned! 

This is happening for all shows.  For instance, today is Monday, I have four different shows on two different channels that are recorded on Sundays.  I can see the March 1 data, but nothing for March 8.  The farthest I see right now for any of my shows in Friday Mar 6.

Tx for the further info @snowcat. That’ll help us track this down. 

I have up to March 6th as well I don’t see anything later. 

One thing i have noticed is depending on the time of day the Guide Update happens I can be almost 24 hours short of a full 14 days of guide.  Hard to be sure exactly how far off as we can’t scroll actual guide data in the Live TV view that far out.

I record NBC Nightly news Mon-Fri. The last one showing scheduled is Mar 6 which is 14 days IF Feb had 30 days. Since Feb only has 28 days I would expect it to show thru Mar 8.

The number of days in a month should be irrelevant.  A 14 day period is two 7 day weeks regardless of the month we are in.  I have a show that records on Saturdays and is currently showing only one new episode on March 1.  My guide was updated 11 hours ago, so 2AM this morning.  After doing an “Update Now” it still won’t show up, but a show that airs at 1:00AM did now get added to the listing of scheduled recordings.  When I look tomorrow the evening show will show up.  So it seems like it is more of a 12.5 day schedule and not a 14 day one.  This has been consistent for me since I bought the device over a month ago.


I just noticed it because a movie I wanted to record wasn’t showing. I’ve only had my Tablo a week. I found it strange that the last day showing anything scheduled is 14 days IF Feb had 30 dsys. Perhaps it v is a bigger problem. We’ll see in March.

It appears the problem is still on-going but I do have recordings up to March 7 at 5:30 PM

Confirmed this morning that I have around 12.5 days of guide data.  I checked this morning and the update ran at 3AM.  No guide data for Monday evening on March 8th.  Did a manual update and now have shows listed for the evening of the 8th.

I just tried it out today, and I only get 13 days of guide data as well.  It’s Wed, Mar 4 at 2:20 PM, and the latest shows I see are for Monday night Mar 16. (I even updated the guide data a few minutes ago with no change).   I do see Tues Mar 17 for Days of our Lives (12-1 PM).

So this has nothing to do with February.  We just aren’t getting 14 days of data.  Lurker is correct.