Mouse wheel won't scroll through channels

I found a bug in the web UI.

I’m viewing the live TV guide in Chrome.

When I hover over programming in the guide, I’m able to scroll up and down with the mouse wheel as expected.

When I hover over the channels in the guide and spin the wheel (the left-most column only), nothing happens.

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Type hovering over the first program just to the right of the channel designation. That works for me.

I could consider this a bug. It’s a very minor bug since you can scroll anywhere else on the screen, but I can’t think of a good reason why it shouldn’t work on the left hand column.

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The bug report has already been filed on our end, but thanks for the nudge :slight_smile:

We’ll work on fixing it for the next rev.

I guess the Android “app” is a web wrapper, because I just discovered this behavior exists there too. You can tap and drag the guide up and down when tapping on programs in the guide, but not when tapping and dragging on the channels in the leftmost column.

It is indeed and will be fixed there too in the next rev.

Anything anything? Been over a year now…

Based on some quick testing looks like at least the web app still appears to not allow scrolling on the left most (channel) column but as a workaround as mentioned above if you move one column to the right to the first program the scroll works there.

As screwy and annoying as this is found. I see horizontal and vertical scroll bars around the listing area. If the channel numbers were in this “window”, scrolling across, horizontal, you would loose the numbers. I can follow the logic, but, yes it catches me once in a while.

Or do you want to scroll the channels but not the listings?

Tablo’s acknowledged it as a bug. So while it’s not a showstopper, it’s at least unintended behavior.

I know the “workaround” because I mentioned it in the first post :slight_smile: Still not ideal.

On a large screen it’s easier to scroll the wheel over programming. However, on my phone that left-side channel column (where my thumb naturally rests) takes up a much larger percentage of the screen.

It’s an annoyance, but it’s been annoying since October 2018. I was just looking for an update :slight_smile:

Someone from Tablo (not TabloSupport or TabloEngineer) also said it would be fixed in the next release… months later, next release - no fix.

Maybe there was misinformation? Or misunderstanding.

Then there’s always wishful thinking at this point… It didn’t make it this round, it’ll be in the next release. Certainly the one after that for sure! It’s in the release cycle, so it’s just gotta be.

I have passed your annoyance along and have added mine since our earlier annoyance has gone unheeded.