Most reliable streaming stick for 4th Gen Tablo?

I continue to have issues with my 4th Gen Tablo when running the app on my 2018 (1st Gen) Firestick 4K. The biggest issue are the frequent app crashes.

I’m wondering if the problem is the age and relatively low power of the Firestick.

So my question: Is anyone having little or no problem with newer versions of the Firestick (in particular the newer Firestick 4K Max)? What about the ONN 4K?

Thanks in advance. Any guidance would be helpful.

I have used multiple sticks and it all comes down to what a user prefers.

The onn 4k box is cheap, but if you plan on replacing your main stick, you might want to get something different. It works just fine, but it only has 8g of internal storage and it won’t take very long to fill that up. I’ve recommended it to users who need something just for their Tablos. The price is great and it’s a very good product, but it definitely doesn’t compare to the 2nd gen firestick 4k max.

The 4k max has 16g of internal memory and I find it to be the fastest of my “under $50” devices. Since you’re already very familiar with the inner workings of Amazon’s devices, you will likely feel more at home with this one. A few menu items have moved or changed, but it’s been a very reliable device.

Again, it really comes down to choice, but I would stick to one of these two if you’re not a Roku user (especially until those issues are taken care of). Each device has their own pros and cons, and since they both use a version of Android (and the same Android app version) you’ll likely have the same issue if there’s a bug in the app.

As to answer your first statement, it very well could be that the 1st gen 4k is underpowered. My 1st gen 4k max doesn’t seem to have any more issues than the 2nd gen, but I do have random app relaunches on all of my Android-compatible devices (my GoogleTV is the worst). I have to remember to slow down a little bit and not overwhelm the app with 20 button presses – but I’m sure you can guess how well that goes!

JW: Are you finding a pattern in when/why your app crashes? Does it repeat the same behavior every time?

App crashes can happen any time I’m watching either live TV or a recording, but it seems much more likely when watching live TV. It’s especially common when I use the remote’s back button to exit live TV and return to the guide (the behavior then is always the live TV picture stuttering for several seconds, then freezing, followed about 30 seconds later by a return to the Fire TV home screen or a restart of the Tablo app.

I really like the Tablo interface and show discovery capabilities, and I’m hoping that new releases of the Tablo app for Fire TV take care of some of these issues.

How frequently do you see Tablo app crashes on the Firestick 4K Max?