Most recent sort still not showing all shows

On Roku shows over one month old are not showing on most recent sort. It make no sense to not show all shows. Are you going to fix this? 

I agree all shows should show up…

If “Most Recent” is really supposed to display only recordings that are 1 month old and newer, then I don’t have a problem with all the recordings not displaying.  However, I do agree that there needs to be a view (maybe a new “Sorted by Date” view?) that shows everything, and a way to set which view should be the default when opening “Recordings”.  @TabloTV - is there anything on the Roku roadmap that addresses this?


As per @TabloSupport in the original thread on this topic, we don’t consider shows older than 1 month to be ‘recent’. If you want to see a listing of all available shows you can use the A-Z sort. 

@mbellaire - We are working on a total revamp of the Roku interface which includes many user requested functions including sort options. 

Well up to a month ago you did consider most recent to be more a age sorting option not literally only shows within 30 days. The A-Z sort does not work correctly either. Once you watch a show based on A-Z it defaults back to most recent view. I do not have a problem with the change if you provided another way to easily see all shows and the A-Z option is not that option. I just do not understand why you thought you needed to make this change now before you had another option to easily see all shows? You could have easily  waited until you had the “total revamp” completed and then roll out the change to most recent sort option. 

@TabloTV - Looking forward to the new Roku interface functions!  I don’t want to stifle creativity or innovation, but with the new interface please keep in mind that many of your users have older Roku boxes.  Although the current Roku Tablo interface needs improving, it is responsive and just plain works.  When YouTube finally came to the Roku it looked great, but on my Roku2 XS it is very sluggish which hurts usability - would hate to see the Tablo interface suffer the same fate.

@mbellaire Definitely something we’re keeping in mind :slight_smile: