(Most likely daylight saving time ending effect)

I was looking at all my future recordings, and they all appear to be listed for Eastern Time instead of Central Time. For instance, Supergirl is listed as being 8 - 9 PM instead of 7 - 8 PM.

It appears that the Tablo is still recording the shows at the correct time, and it shows the correct time after it has been recorded (so the first episode of Supergirl has a time of 7-8 PM).

It looks like the Tablo corrects the time as soon as it appears in the live tv guide. So for any episode of a show with today’s date, the time is correct, but all the other episodes on other days are showing an hour later.

From a functionality standpoint, the Tablo is recording the shows at the right time, but a user could very well think the times are off when setting up schedules.

@snowcat - Is the on all of your apps or just one?

Are you accounting for the time change this weekend if your time zone does that?

I have a strong feeling that is it. It was affecting Android web app, Chrome on the PC, and FireTV, but not the Roku. I did look up “48 hours”, which is Saturday night and more than 24 hours from now but still before the time change, and it is showing correctly as well.

Thanks for pointing that out. :smile: