More Thoughts about Tablo Tuner Performance

I recently wrote about my experience with Tablos difficulty receiving channel 3 ( RF/Actual Frequency ). Tablo says that its internal splitter reduces the signal which may cause reception problems with weak channels. OK, fine but is it equal to my Samsung TVs tuner? To find out I turned down my antenna amps gain until I got a " weak signal " on Tablos live TV and hooked up the Tablos antenna feed to my TV via a Three-way splitter (-7dB OUT) and got a USABLE signal ( picture mostly stable with only a few glitches ). For those people who can receive a channel on their TV but not on their Tablo, I would recommend doing this experiment. Since the tuner may receive some channels better than others, it is important to note the actual channel (RF) rather than the stations channel number. Another thought. Assuming a 2-channel Tablo has a 2-way splitter and a 4-channel Tablo has a 4-way splitter , is the 4-channel Tablo less able to receive weak signals than a 2-channel Tablo? ( the more you split the signal, the greater the loss ). Just a thought.

I think I recall reading that the original 2 tuner Tablo used the same internal splitter as the 4 tuner version. The new 2 tuner model may have a different design.

Thanks for the feedback, Phil