More Than One Tablo

I have a Tablo Quad with Premium Subscription. I purchased a Tablo Dual HDMI for use in my MH this summer. Do I need a separate / new account for the 2nd unit?


Yes, I believe a second subscription is needed unless you transfer the original subscription. From Tablo:

*Like Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions, Tablo Premium Service is tied to YOU, not a specific device. *
This means you can change or upgrade to a new Tablo DVR and easily transfer your existing Premium Service subscription to your new device.

Guide data subscription or Premium subscription? They are different.

Also when did you purchase the subscription?

If you have a Lifetime Tablo guide subscription that started prior to March 2019, you may be able to contact Tablo Support and have them add your new Tablo to your guide subscription account. On the other hand, the Premium service for commercial skip will be required for each unit if so desired.

Thank you all for your response. Thinking more about this, I will use my lifetime subscription on the Quad when at home, the switch it to Dual when we leave. Can’t see a reason to have two subscriptions and use only use one Tablo at a time.


I don’t know that what you are suggesting is possible. That would be a question for @TabloTV or @TabloSupport. I think the changing it to a new device is really meant more for “my 10 year old OG Tablo finally stopped working so I picked up a new Quad and I’m moving my existing lifetime subscription to that new Quad” vs “I want to switch it back and between 2 working devices on a regular basis”.

As previously quoted, subscriptions are not device specific - just you. So if your device fails, or you get a new one, you can easily change it online yourself.

There’s no mention of a limit as to how many times you can swap devices… you only get one at a time (in the current program) Nor is it limited to a specific payment type of suscription.

Understood, which is why I didn’t say my theory was fact, and suggested they could get an official response from @TabloTV or @TabloSupport in case there ARE any limitations.

No issues here. If you log into your account at, you’ll notice there’s a ‘Replace’ button next to your Tablo on your active subscription. You can select this button and follow the prompts to swap it for another unit/.

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Just make note when you take your original / home Tablo off the subscription it will no longer do things like scheduled recordings, commercial skip, etc. So if you’re ok with that, then swap away.

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EDIT: Lol, I had not realized how dead this thread was till just now.

Exactly what I was thinking. If there was for instance a program you still wanted to record you could set it to record manually but anything using the schedule will not work.

Also the Tablo needs a reliable internet connection and constant power. There are nightime maintenance tasks the Tablo needs to do regularly to function reliably. I know some people turn the Tablos power off at night but it eventually catches up.