More frustration with the remote login

So my significant other went away again and again is trying to use the remote login. And again the way that is implemented has frustrated us. I know how to set it up and it works fine for me on a daily basis. Works (and worked) fine for her, too, for a day. Then the app would load but no data on the live TV screen or in the Recordings section. I scanned the solutions here, and since the Live TV data was sometimes missing on one of my home machines, I tried the two solutions recommended: Open Chrome in incognito mode or clear “cookies and other site data” for Chrome in normal mode. Both worked for me at home. Then I walked her through those remotely. For her, Chrome in incognito mode couldn’t connect because it didn’'t have the pairing. And then Chrome in regular mode after cookies and other data have been cleared lost the pairing as well. So she’s fucked for this trip, pissed at me for moving us to Tablo, and (can you guess) I’m pissed at Tablo for this Rube Goldberg way to connect remotely which can only be fixed after she brings the laptop home again.

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Let me add some more to this post since my frustration level is very high. I read all the latest posts about remote connectivity when I was trying to fix my problem. One of them included a (to me) very obvious complaint about the silly “bring your laptop home first” requirement to set up a remote connection. The official Tablo response was “well maybe if enough people complain we’ll look at it.”

Really? This isn’t on the first page of your to do list? What if I want to watch Tablo on my work desktop? Do I have to put it in my trunk and lug it home? What if I’m is China and buy a new laptop? What if I or my significant other is away and just needs it to work?

It amazes me that this ridiculous remote setup has not been addressed.

You don’t happen to also use Plex do you? We were already using Plex before moving to Tablo but we push all our recordings to Plex in part because of the remote login limitations Tablo currently has. Doesn’t solve the immediate problem I know but possibly something you could look at until “proper” remote access is available.

Thanks for the tip, Nilex. I’ll look into that.

I agree that it’s ridiculous, but I’ve given up on it. My most significant limitation is the upload speed on my DSL. Could NOT stand he amount of buffering and the delays just getting screens to update from Tablo or Plex when remote.

For my viewing pleasure when I’m away from home, I have actually signed up with one of Google TV, which includes “local” channels (although not all the sub-channels, but hey…) I use Tablo nearly all the time when at home, loving the multi-TV flexibility. On those occasions that something doesn’t record properly (conflict, weather, power outage, whatever) I tend to use Plex Channels to fill the gap, and for non OTA it’s either Plex Channels or Google TV. All in all, got the bases covered, including watching things while away from home.

I haven’t had my iPhone or iPad unpair from the Tablo in over a year. But I don’t use the website via the Chrome browser remotely.

Also with regards to limited upload speed, you can change the Remote Streaming Quality (RSQ) to 1 Mbps to avoid the buffering. The Tablo re-encodes the video to a lower quality.

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And uses a tuner to do so (just an fyi).

I am sure everyone is tired of hearing me harp about the Tablo deficiencies in the area of remote login. I am a Tablo fanboy, but, I won’t recommend it to anyone until they fix the remote login issues. They have had years to address this issue and still stubbornly refuse to fix the issue. When you don’t listen to your users, most companies get what they deserve . . .

I would love to see a meaningful dialog on when this issue will be fixed. Constant platitudes of “it is on the backlog list” is not helpful in any way. How about this Tablo: Tell us when you are going to fix this issue, or just tell us the truth that you have no intention to fix this issue. It is one or the other, which is it?

It isn’t a bug, so there isn’t a need for a “fix”. The Tablo folks implemented remote access a certain way, which does work in a manner that every Tablo user is used to. It doesn’t matter if you are local or remote, you just open the app, and it works.

Adding usernames and passwords is a pretty big change to the user interface. I imagine that if it did get implemented, you would hear complaint after complaint that remote access is a pain to use now compared to the way it was.


Me either, and I have run the OS updates from remote locations repeatedly, always comes right back.

OP, do you have the port mapping on your router? That is the only change I made in that I didn’t let uPNP “handle it”