More buffering issues live tv and performance and diagnostics

Just completed setting up a Tablo system over the last month. The final step was to upgrade the indoor antenna to Eclipse. I still get periods of constant buffering errors (circle on screen not pixilation). I have a fast router and have ethernet over AC power lines and Kindle Fire sticks. I was hoping to cut the cable this week but now thinking Tablo was a big mistake. I am about 20mi from the broadcast tower. Even during periods when the system is working the performance is horrible and the app is prototype quality. It takes forever to start the system and tune to livetv. Guess I am stuck with the cable. Tablo system is a disappointment although when it does work, it has a good resolution picture. Tablo needs to provide much better diagnostics to self check and troubleshoot the system.

Is this the preamped Eclipse?

How is your reception when you plug the antenna directly into the TV?

Buffering can occur when station signals break in and out.

The Eclipse is the non amplified. I placed it high on the second floor outside wall facing transmitters as much as possible.
I don’t have a TV near the Tablo to check but maybe I can find a small one to try. Streaming
over internet works fine no buffering so seems to be Antenna/Tablo.

In reading reviews of the Eclipse at Amazon, many people have added a preamp such as the Winegard LNA-100 that has helped to reinforce and stabilize the signal. At 20 miles (there may be obstructions between your home and the broadcast towers that you don’t see), a preamp may be needed. Those LPWs occur with signal disruptions when reception becomes unstable and the Tablo tries to recover by going back to its buffer. The heat wave we are facing doesn’t help either weakening signals.

Yes I agree that is most likely the cause of the buffering problems. Probably not obstructions but maybe planes flying through (i.e. moving obstructions or radio interference . I will look into the preamp. Thx

I had much aggro over the buffering at the very beginning, all due to bad reception. I improved it by changing to a better antenna. Thanks to the advice in the forum, I have ordered a amplifier and hope it will remedy my weakest channel.