Monthly subscription commitment?

Are there any length commitments on the monthly subscription? I work on cruise ships and sometimes I’m gone for months at a time. Can I turn the subscription on and off as I please?

Also. I bought my Tablo at amazon for $129 and its now at best buy for $99 so I am returning the amazon unit and buying at BB. Anything special I need to do? Will my recordings on my hardrive still be there on the new one? I have created account but I don’t think this unit is tied to it yet. I haven’t subscribed yet either. Thanks in advance

I would suspect that’s the magic to a monthly, I’ve never hear of a waiting period to re-subscribe. I picked monthly… because who knows if I’ll agree with terms in a year from now and it doesn’t clearly define (who’s) lifetime. But I can’t confirm this.

As for moving your moving your recordings and schedule, here’s a tablotv support article Moving your recordings to a new Tablo

disclaimer: I have no experience with this method and not familiar who may or may not have had success… but it’s likely to work as they offer assistance.

You sure can! Folks who travel frequently can either do monthly and start/stop at any time (but you won’t get a refund for any unused portion of that month) or just go with a lifetime subscription and not have to worry about managing the on/off when you’re away.